AKD's In-House Dental Plan

Sign up for our office dental plan today so you can Stop Worrying and Start Smiling!

Services Include:

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Cleaning & Flouride (2x)
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Exams (2x)
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20% Off
Restorative Work
Visit Type Fee
Children Under 12 $350 Annually
Children Over 12 $375 Annually

In House Dental Plan Details and Conditions

**Membership benefits apply 12 months from enrollment date**

These plans are an annual plan. It starts on the day you enroll and is usable for a calendar year. (For example, if you enroll on January 10th, 2019, your coverage will start that day and continue until January 10th, 2020)

Our In House Dental Plans are not an insurance plan, it has been designed to provide a way for our patients to obtain the dental care they need at an affordable rate. The guidelines for the plan include the following:

  • Standalone coverage, not to be combined with insurance benefits or discounts offered by the practice to its patients
  • Is for use in treatments that lie within our realm of expertise
  • Cannot be used for treatment with another dentist to whom we refer 
  • There are no refunds for paid premiums, even if the plan benefits are not utilized during the participation period