What Makes Us Different?

Dr. Joe Wilson is a Pediatric Specialist. He has extensive experience working with children inside and outside dentistry. Prior to starting his own pediatric practice, Dr. Wilson taught Biology for over 6 years and has worked with kids in sports, education, counseling, and many other health professions. He is the sole practitioner so you know that you will see him every time you visit.

In fact, every single person employed at ALL KIDS DENTAL has a background of working with kids. We are all well-suited to provide your child with a fun, positive, and supportive experience from the beginning to the end of every appointment. We chose this profession because we love it.

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Guaranteed To Be Individualized!

We change to meet the unique characteristics of your child. We adapt our techniques and styles to meet his personality. If your child feels disconcerted leaning back in the hygiene chair, he can sit up. We will adapt to make your child feel comfortable. If your child is fearful, we address his emotions (we don’t dismiss them). Your child’s thoughts and feelings are legitimate; we use them as a foundation to build rapport and trust.

ALL KIDS DENTAL isn’t just a good pediatric dental office; it is about as ideal as you can get. Every detail from the art and decorations to the choice of equipment is chosen with PEDIATRICS in mind. This is truly a child-centered place.