Is it safe to pull out a loose tooth?

Is it safe to pull out a loose tooth?

Many parents commonly ask our dental office if it is safe to pull out a child’s loose tooth. We hope this article will tell you everything you need to know about pulling loose teeth from your child’s mouth and remember that All Kids Dental in Suffolk, VA is here to help your family transition to beautiful adult smiles.

Should You Pull or Not Pull A Loose Tooth? 

Loose teeth can be exciting for kids, but the general rule is it is not appropriate to pull your child’s loose tooth by yourself. Pulling a loose tooth can harm your child’s oral health by: 

  • The risk of causing parts of the bone to stay in the socket

  • Pulling out a loose baby tooth might end up with an infection.

  • Damage your child’s gums

More often than not, baby loose teeth fall out on their own without any sort of complication.

When Is It Appropriate to Pull A Loose Tooth? 

A loose baby tooth should only be pulled if it is dangling. At this point, there is a lower risk of complications, and leaving a dangling tooth can increase the risk of your child swallowing the tooth while eating. 

However, you should never pull your child’s teeth if:

  • Your child suffers excruciating pain every time the loose tooth wiggles. In this case, you should consult with our office. 

  • Your kid’s tooth is only minimally loose. There is a reason that the loose tooth is still attached to the gums. 

When it comes to dealing with a loose tooth, it is recommended you teach your child to be patient and let it fall out on its own. Since your kid will ultimately lose all of their baby teeth, it is essential to set a precedent right away so that they know they have to be extremely patient and gentle with their teeth. 

How Can I Safely Pull Out A Loose Tooth?

If your little one wants you to pull their extremely loose tooth for them, there is a way to do so safely. Here are the steps to properly pull a loose tooth. 

1. Start by washing your hands.

2. Hold the tooth with a cold and wet washcloth or gauze and gently rock it back and forth.

3. Keep willing your child’s tooth until it falls out. If it is ready to fall out then all you should need to do is twist it slightly, and it should pop right out.

If the tooth is not easily popping out then stop to prevent any damage to your child’s teeth. A baby tooth that is ready to come out should not cause much, if any, bleeding. However, if there is, apply firm pressure to the area with a clean gauze pad. Check their mouth to ensure there are no remaining pieces of the baby tooth. If there are, or if your son or daughter is experiencing nonstop pain or redness, contact your All Kids Dental right away to avoid complications.

Why Is Pulling Out An Adult Tooth Not A Good Idea?

If your child is older and has a permanent loose tooth, do not attempt to pull an adult tooth on your own. There is no replacement tooth underneath this time. If you pull a loose adult tooth on your own it can lead to broken teeth which will not fix the underlying cause of the problem, and it will lead to more oral health problems. People are usually surprised to learn loose adult teeth often tighten up on their own as the surrounding gums and tissue adjust to the new or injured tooth. Do not assume a loose tooth will have to be extracted right away.

What Can I Do If My Child Has A Loose Tooth?

If your child has an adult loose tooth, then your best course of action is to meet with our dentist to have the tooth analyzed. If the tooth is slightly loose, we will likely advise waiting to see if it tightens up. However, if the tooth continues to loosen in the coming days, it might be prudent to extract it and replace it with a dental implant or another oral health solution.

If your child needs to have a baby tooth extracted then a simple tooth extraction can be done by our pediatric dentist. The process usually involves gently loosening the visible baby tooth and pulling it. Using only a local anesthetic, this procedure is quick and painless.

If you are interested in having your son’s or daughter’s teeth extracted or have any questions about a loose or injured tooth, call the experts at All Kids Dental in Suffolk, VA at (757) 922-8110.