The Importance Of Dental Hygiene For Kids 

Children Dental Hygiene

Every parent wants to ensure that their infant or child has a great start in life. Oral and dental hygiene especially is an area of importance. Read on to find out how your child can benefit from regular pediatric dental visits and from establishing a foundation for good oral hygiene.

Common Dental Concerns in Children

You might not know this, but while teeth grinding and thumb sucking can be common habits in small children, they can cause some more serious dental issues later in life. Long-term tooth grinding in children can wear down the protective enamel of teeth, which in turn could increase your child’s sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods. Thumb-sucking can cause overbite, as the habit can push growing teeth out of alignment. At a certain point, there is even a risk that thumb-sucking can alter the shape of your child’s growing jaw.

Another common problem in small children is cavities. Cavities are small holes in teeth that develop due to tooth decay. One of the most common causes of tooth decay is improper oral hygiene after ingesting sugar. Even if an oversight, letting your baby fall asleep immediately after drinking milk or juice increases their risk of tooth decay due to the sugars in those drinks. A quick and effective fluoride varnish from our dental providers at All Kids Dental, for example, could act as an effective preventative measure.

Dental issues can also have a mental-emotional impact on children as they grow up. It may be more difficult to enjoy and focus on schooling if they suffer from toothaches. Healthy teeth directly have an impact on your child’s development as they continue to eat, speak, play, and learn.

How Will My Child Benefit From Pediatric Dentist’s Visits?

Visiting the dentist can be a common fear or nuisance for many fully-grown adults. You want your child to have the ultimate care and attention. The All Kids Dental team is dedicated to providing world-class service for all of our patients. Our practice is focused on the comfort of our pediatric patients and while many general dentists may not be so well-equipped or prepared, our office provides the appropriate-sized dentistry tools to work comfortably on infants and small children. Proper equipment and specialized training and experience for caring for children is a great reason for trusting our team with the health & dental hygiene of your little one.

At All Kids Dental, not only do we offer our pediatric dental expertise, but we believe in creating a safe environment for children to receive dental care. We believe coming to All Kids Dental can be fun, and we achieve this by avoiding words such as “drill,” “needle,” or “hurt,” and committing to our own specialized vocabulary. Remember that you are also welcome to accompany your child on any treatment they will receive.

As soon as your baby is one year old, or when they get their first tooth, schedule your first dentist visit with us. If you are searching for the best dental care for your children in Suffolk and the surrounding Virginia neighborhoods, look no further than All Kids Dental for all of your child’s dental hygiene needs. For pediatric dental expertise, call and schedule a visit with Dr. Joe and Dr. Brett today!