The Right Vitamins And Minerals For Healthy Teeth

The Right Vitamins And Minerals For Healthy Teeth

Did you know that good nutrition is an important part of oral health for children as well?  Here’s a list of all the essential vitamins and minerals your child should include in their diet to keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong.

What Vitamins Are Good For Your Child’s Oral Health?

Vitamins help the body function properly in several ways. Some vitamins help you fight infections while others promote good oral health. Vitamins A, C, and D are crucial for your dental health, and below we will highlight the specific role each one plays.  

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is good for your eyes and mouth. This vitamin builds and maintains tissues such as mucous membranes and gums. Another function of vitamin A is to keep saliva flowing, which naturally removes harmful acids from teeth and prevents dry mouth. Vitamin A is found in dairy products, chicken, meat, sweet potatoes, orange fruit, kale, fish, spinach, kale, and egg yolks.

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is important for keeping the connective tissue of the gums strong. If it’s not enough, the tissues that hold the teeth in place weaken, the teeth can become loose, the gums bleed, and the risk of gum disease increases. Encourage your child to eat citrus fruits, spinach, berries, kiwis, and sweet potatoes.

  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and strengthen teeth. Not only does it strengthen our teeth and bones, but it also reduces the risk of fractures. Vitamin D also helps the immune system to function properly, enabling our bodies to fight off certain types of diseases. Our bodies naturally produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, but it’s also found in oily fish, canned tuna, and mushrooms. You can also look for foods and drinks rich in vitamin D, such as milk, orange juice, and some cereals.


Your body contains a lot of phosphorus, most of which is found in your teeth. It works with calcium to protect and rebuild tooth enamel. Phosphorus is important for maintaining and repairing body tissues and teeth. Phosphorus is found in many protein-rich foods, such as meat, eggs, nuts, and dairy products.


Calcium is the main mineral that makes up our teeth and supports the jawbone. The more calcium your child eats, the stronger their teeth will be. It also maintains the function of organs, the brain, and skeletal muscles. The main sources of calcium are milk, cheese, and yogurt. Other foods that provide calcium include gristly fish, broccoli, kale, most whole grains, fruit juices, and soy and rice drinks.


Iron is important for maintaining healthy red blood cell levels. It helps your body’s immune system function properly and fights off infection and disease. Low iron levels in the body can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of oral infections and gum disease. Give your kids seafood, eggs, red meat, cereal, bread, and green leafy vegetables to get their immune systems working to their fullest potential.

A healthy diet can provide children with all the vitamins and minerals they need. The deficiency of these nutrients is linked to oral diseases. However, it is normal for some children to be very picky eaters. For these children taking vitamin supplements can help. If you are struggling with your child’s diet, ask your pediatrician about the most recommended multivitamin supplements.

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