What Are Those Things At The Dentist’s Office? (Dental Tools)

What Are Those Things At The Dentist’s Office (Dental Tools)

At All Kids Dental in Suffolk, VA, we’re happy to create a kid-friendly environment by using our own vocabulary instead of words like “needle” or “drill”–but for parents, we’re happy to provide the following guide on dental tools to expect during your visit.

What Dental Tools Can We Expect To See At The Dentist’s Office?

  • Mouth Mirror. This dental tool that is easily recognizable to those who have had a dental cleaning. It is the least intimidating and consists of a small mirror attached to one end. This tool allows dentists to detect any tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Moreover, it can help move the tongue away from a certain area without the dentist having to use their hands. Comfortably fitting in the mouth, the mouth mirror enables dentists to check out every angle, which can be difficult to do when looking into the mouth due to the cramped space. The mouth mirror makes it much easier for dentists to get a good view.

  • Saliva Suction Device. The saliva ejector is an invaluable device used during dental treatments, as it quickly and effectively removes any excess saliva from the patient’s mouth. This helps to keep the work area clean and prevents the patient from swallowing any calculus or feeling overwhelmed by their saliva production. From the patient’s perspective, this device simplifies the dental treatment process, while from the dentist’s perspective, it is one of the most straightforward tools available.

  • Dental Scaler. The scaler is a necessary tool used by dentists to combat tooth decay and gum disease. It is a metal scraper used to remove tartar and plaque build-up, especially larger ones, from teeth and gums. Generally, it shouldn’t cause pain for those with healthy teeth since it isn’t used as often. However, those with gingivitis may experience discomfort due to the bacteria and inflammation present. Despite its intimidating nature, the scaler is an essential tool in the dentist’s office.
  • Dental Probe. This tool is essential to discovering cavities and gum disease. Its sharp hook is used to detect pockets between teeth, as well as remove plaque and tartar. When the tooth has visible damage, the probe can cause some discomfort. This instrument is used to assess the degree of damage and determine how the dentist can aid in the recovery. Additionally, the probe is used to evaluate the health of the gums, similarly to a scaler, with a focus on the gums. If the teeth are in good condition, there is no need to fear the probe, but if there is an issue with the gums, the dentist must remove any bacteria and plaque underneath.

  • Dental Drill. If a patient has a cavity, the dental drill may be necessary for treatment. Although it may be a bit nerve-wracking, this is a common, harmless procedure. The drill is used to remove any decay, so the tooth can be filled, or to polish the tooth after a procedure. The vibration may feel strange, but it will not cause any harm to your teeth.

What Makes Kid-Friendly Dentistry At All Kids Dental Different?

At All Kids Dental, we guarantee individualized dentistry for your child’s comfort. We change to meet the unique characteristics of your child. We adapt our techniques and styles to meet your child’s personality. If your child feels disconcerted leaning back in the hygiene chair, your child is welcome to sit up. If your child is fearful, we address those emotions rather than dismissing them. Your child’s thoughts and feelings are legitimate and we use them as a foundation to build rapport and trust.

Pediatric dentists deal with children all day, every day. This means they know how to make sure your child is happy, comfortable, and treated effectively. They are experts at examining children without being intimidating. The average child patient is happy in a friendly and supportive pediatric atmosphere. The young patient knows that we are “on their side.” We genuinely enjoy treating kids and they “pick up” on this.

All Kids Dental isn’t just a good pediatric dental office; it is about as ideal as you can get. Every detail from the art and decorations to the choice of equipment is chosen with pediatrics in mind. Every single person employed at All Kids Dental can boast a background in working with children. This is truly a child-centered place.

All Kids Dental Is The Best Choice For Your Child’s Smile

If you are searching for the best dental care for your children in Suffolk and the surrounding Virginia neighborhoods, look no further than All Kids Dental. All Kids Dental has the expertise to live up to its name and make all kids feel comfortable and show off healthy smiles. From infant exams, to tooth-colored fillings and sedation dentistry, to creating an individualized dental plan for children with special needs, All Kids Dental can do it all. For pediatric dental expertise, call and schedule a visit with Dr. Joe and Dr. Brett today!